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Tilly’s Chocolate Lollipops

Bee-Boo Toots is so excited about Halloween, she has asked her Mother Tilly every day since the beginning of October if it is time to make lollipops for trick-or-treating. Tilly planned to make the treats at the end of the month; Bee-Boo had other ideas and was now jumping up and down:

“Please, please, please? Can we today please?” she cried.

Tilly decided it might be a good way of keeping her daughter busy on this very wet day. Of course Bee-Boo had to try one of the Lollipops as soon as they were finished.

” Mmmm,”  said Bee-Boo, “they are delicious”.

“But,” wondered Tilly, “will they still be in the cupboard when Halloween comes?”


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