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Tilly’s Christmas Special

Tilly’s Christmas Surprise

Lucie Lou – duckling

Barnaby Toots – dad owl  / Tilly Toots – mum owl  /  Bee Boo Toots – baby owl

Mr Poop – pigeon

Max Ecklefeckin – cat


It was a cold and frosty December morning on Acorn Crescent. Lucie Lou the duckling was enjoying slipping and sliding on the frozen duck pond.
Just as she had almost made herself dizzy pirouetting, her owlet friend Bee-Boo Toots landed on a low branch over-hanging the pond, just above Lucie Lou’s head. “Having fun?” called Bee-Boo, “Hi there! Yes I am.” Replied Lucie Lou “It’s magical down here. Would you like to come and skate with me?” “I might just give it a try” retorted Bee-Boo.The pair were happily skating and chatting about how exciting Christmas was going to be when Lucie Lou asked Bee-Boo if she knew what Santa was bringing her for Christmas. Bee-Boo replied “It would be nice to have a baby Brother or Sister to play with.”High up in the tree, Mr Poop the pigeon had just woken up, he heard voices below and caught the last part of Bee-Boo’s conversation with Lucie Lou. He scratched his head, “Ah, I wondered if Tilly Toots had been hiding something in that nest” he said to himself.
For days now Mr Poop had been observing Barnaby Toots collecting feathers and twigs, and noted that their nest was getting bigger and bigger. Tilly also seemed lately to have her wings splayed out over the nest as if she was hiding something.Mr Poop remembered that two weeks earlier Tilly had asked him to deliver invitations for her special Christmas Eve party to the whole Crescent. “Hmmm…” he thought that must be it! I bet she wants to show off her new little owlet to us all, how thrilling.
The news soon spread throughout Acorn Crescent about the expected new arrival, there was a lot of chit-chat between the residents about what Barnaby and Tilly were sheltering in their nest. Meanwhile Tilly was seen flying here and there collecting all manner of craft bits and bobs. Excitement grew and grew in the days leading up to Tilly’s Christmas Eve party and Tilly couldn’t wait to reveal her surprise.

At last it was Christmas Eve and Mr Poop made himself cosy in the spruce tree. He had a good view from here of the old Oak tree where Tilly, Barnaby and Bee-Boo have their nest. The pigeon watched closely as Barnaby flew busily from branch to branch. “I wonder what he is doing now” Poop muttered to himself, “I suppose it takes a lot of preparation making the tree safe for a new little one”.
It wasn’t long before Mr Poop dropped off to sleep, and it must have been a couple of hours before he awoke with a jolt. “Ooh what time is it?” he thought; the light was starting to fade. He flew to the nearby church to check the clock on the bell tower, it was almost 4 o’clock and only two hours until the party. He decided it was time to get ready, to preen his lovely feathers and make himself smart.

Just before six o’clock all the residents of Acorn Crescent were making their way across the green towards the old Oak tree. All was quiet when they arrived and everyone stood staring upwards into the tree with eager anticipation.
Max Ecklefeckin the cat was a little impatient and called out in a loud voice “Hey Tilly we are all waiting down here you know.” “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” everyone else shushed him at once, not wanting him to frighten the new owlet.
Suddenly Barnaby and Tilly were heard counting down 3 – 2 – 1 “SURPRISE!!!” The whole tree was lit up in spectacular colours and everyone let out a loud gasp “Ooooooh!” “Merry Christmas everyone!” exclaimed the owls, “We hope you like our party surprise, we have been busy making lanterns for the past two weeks.”

Mr Poop piped up; “So where’s this new owlet then?”
“New owlet?” where ever did you get that idea hooted Tilly, looking shocked.
“Well I saw your nest getting bigger and that you seemed to be hiding something, so you know I just put two and two together…”

“Oh no Mr Poop – you’ve got the wrong end of the twig again!” they all chorused as they began to roar with laughter. Even Tilly saw the funny side but the pigeon was so embarrassed at his faux pas, he had to cover his face with his wing.

After the mix up was over the party went with a swing and all the residents had a wonderful evening. They sang Christmas Carols and enjoyed wonderful food and drinks under the gloriously lit tree.
As everyone left Tilly apologised for the disappointment of not having a new owlet to show off, but a twinkle in her eye suggested that maybe there would be one next year. Everyone agreed that the wonderful tree display that she and Barnaby had made helped them forget about the owlet. Bee-Boo was a little sad that this year’s Christmas party was over, so Barnaby suggested she should go and snuggle up to sleep in the nest and wait for Santa to bring her presents. She certainly didn’t need to be told twice!

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