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All the fun of the fair!

Barnaby, Tilly and Bee Boo Toots -owl family

Mr Poop – pigeon

Beau Barker, Coco Dax – Rocky Kildare – dogs

Lucie Lou – duckling

Jenson Jones – tortoise

Max Ecklefeckin –  cat


It was the crack of dawn on Saturday August 17th  the day of the Summer fair. From the old oak tree Barnaby Toots is preparing for the day….

I’m sitting on my branch checking that the stalls are being set up correctly for the day’s events. In the background I can hear my Wife Tilly bustling around the kitchen, she is busy baking and decorating cakes with the help of our Daughter Bee-Boo for the cup cake stall, they smell delicious.

Mr Poop the pigeon has just flown by to see me, he asks if he can attach  pretty feather bunting over here, I tell him I’ll tie it to the tree if he will swoop down and attach it to the tombola stall.

I can see on the other side of the duck pond Beau Barker the Scottie dog and Coco Dax the Dachshund working very hard putting up a colourful tent for the fortune teller., I wonder what she will see in my future?…

I am surprised to see Lucie-Lou the duckling up so early, I suppose it was difficult for her to sleep with all the commotion going on around the pond. She is trying out the coconut shy by throwing a wooden ball and knocking down the coconuts, she seems quite good at it.

Max Ecclefeckin is decorating his side stall. He’s a cheeky cat so it doesn’t surprise me that his game looks very amusing, it’s called guess how many tadpoles are in the jam jar, it must have been very tricky catching and counting them.

I can see a candy floss trailer, popcorn, hook a duck, lucky dip, and a test your strength machine. Tilly is calling for me to help take the cup cakes down and start setting up the stall, the fair is almost ready to open.

Tilly and Bee-Boo’s cake stall is looking splendid and the smell irresistible, I can’t wait to get my beak into one of those delicious treats. Perhaps I could convince Tilly the cakes should be sampled before she opens up, and I could offer my services to try one.

I see Lucie-Lou duckling staring nervously at one of the stalls, I ask what is wrong and she points at the hook a duck sign, It’s just a game Lucie-Lou, I reassure her that the ducks being hooked are plastic with win or lose underneath, and that she is not at risk of being hooked, she wiped her brow with relief.

I hear cheers and laughing and a few balloons fly up into the sky. This must mean the fair is now open, how exciting!!!
I look around the fair, lots of people are already here. Jenson Jones is making his way through the crowds, he’s heading towards the fortune tellers tent. I think I’ll go across and say hi before he goes in.

Jenson begins to tell me how his Great Great Grandmother used to be a fortune teller and how tortoise shells can be read to tell their future.  As Jenson went into the tent I hear lots of excitement going on over at the ‘Show your strength’ stand. I make my way over to see a crowd surrounding Rocky Kildare and Beau Barker. I ask Max Ecklefeckin what’s been happening and he tells me there is going to be a competition, who will be the strongest between Rocky or Beau, they have agreed a time of 2pm for it to take place.

As I take a walk to Tilly’s cupcake stand I see Jenson coming out of the fortune telling tent, he looks very confused. I fly over to see if he’s okay.
Jenson tells me how the fortune teller had read his shell, she told him that a great high speed adventure would soon come his way and to be careful where he rests. Neither of us could figure out what she could mean, I didn’t want him to worry so I invited him to come and try one of Tillys cupcakes.

The test your strength machine is being tested out to make sure it is working properly, a large hammer is swung to hit a red button at the bottom of a tower which sends a shelf flying upwards towards a bell at the top, if the bell sounds it’s a top score.

Jenson and I have eaten several of Tilly and Bee-Boo’s cakes and Jenson says he is going for a snooze, his tummy is full and he is struggling to keep his eyes open.

Bee-Boo and I head towards the fortune tellers tent to have our fortune told before the test your strength competition starts. As we reach the tent Lucie-Lou is just coming out, she starts to tell us how she is going to be a super hero and that the fortune teller predicts fame in her future. Bee-Boo got very excited about Lucie-Lou’s prediction and rushes into the tent to have her own fortune told.
I tell Lucie- Lou to wait for Bee-Boo whilst I buy them both some candy floss before we head to the ‘Test your strength’ competition.
Bee-Boo excitedly tells me her fortune involves her photo being in the paper, ‘How wonderful’ I said ‘a superstar in the family!’
We get to the competition a little early and the girls decide to sit by the pond to enjoy their candyfloss.

I watch as Beau starts warming up to take his first turn on the machine, Rocky is sniggering at him from the large crowd which has now formed to see the spectacle.

Everyone is chanting Beau’s name as he steps up to the podium, Max Ecklefeckin has taken charge of being the judge. Beau lifts up the heavy hammer and looks around at the crowd trying to encourage them to start the countdown. ‘THREE, TWO, ONNNEEE!!!!…….’ BANG!!! The hammer hit’s the red button, we watch as the shelf flies up the tower, the crowd screaming with excitement. All the lights start flashing up the tower as the bell rings ‘DING! DING! DING!’ But as we hear the ding we also hear a shriek. As we look up we see Jenson Jones soaring across the sky, the crowd gasp in shock and we all start running after him with our heads in the air to see where he will land. Eventually we have to stop running as we come to the edge of the pond, as we pause we see Jenson hit the water with a splash.

Once the water calmed from the impact we saw Jenson bobbing up and down on the water, we couldn’t quite make out his face as he is very far out in the pond and he seemed to be upside down floating on his back, his shell acting as a boat and keeping him just above water.

All the grown ups gathered around to try and plan a rescue mission to get Jenson out of the middle of the pond. As we were talking, Bee-Boo let out a cry ‘Look, LOOK!!’. We all turned around to see Lucie-Lou swimming fast into the middle of the pond, she was going at quite a speed, none of us would be able to catch her now. We all watched in anticipation and as she reached Jenson she used her beak to start pushing his shell across the water back to safety. As she reached land we couldn’t believe our eyes, how brave she was to rescue Jenson alone. As the crowd cheered and hugged them both Bee-Boo shouts out ‘What a superhero!!’ everyone laughed and applauded as Lucie-Lou and Jenson were carried on shoulders back to the fair.

As we get back to the ‘Test your strength’ machine everyone is buzzing with excitement, Max tells me how a reporter and photographer had come from the local paper to do a piece on the fair and competition. They now wanted to do a full front page spread on Lucie-Lou and Jenson’s heroic tale. Jenson told the reporter how he had gone for a nap on the back of the shelf not realising it was part of the machine and how he was so grateful for Lucie-Lou’s bravery. The photographer asks to take a photo of them both as just before he snaps Lucie grabs Bee-Boo and pulls her under her wing whilst smiling and laughing. As I look at the scene before me I realise how the fortune teller had been right all along, Lucie-Lou was a superhero and Jenson certainly did have a high speed adventure, and little Bee-Boo, well she did get her photo in the paper. I have a feeling that photo will be up on our wall for a very long time.

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