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Mr Poop’s Capital Adventure

Mr Poop's Capital Adventure

Mr Poop – pigeon

Max Ecklefeckin – black and white cat


Mr Poop the pigeon returned from a trip to London yesterday, and on waking at home in Acorn Crescent this morning, he couldn’t wait to share with his friend Max the cat the story of his eventful time in ‘the big smoke’. The elegant cat listened attentively from his position on the back of the park bench while the pigeon told his tale, all the time scanning and pecking at the bugs and crumbs found in the surrounding grass. Occasionally, when reaching a moment of excitement in the story, Mr Poop would hop from one foot to the other and gesture with his neatly kept grey and black wings.

“At last Max!” the pigeon sighed as he retold the story. “The day had come for my exciting trip to the capital to visit family and friends who live in Trafalgar square. It’s the most important place in the city!”

“I could have flown all the way you know Max; but why waste energy when I could take a leisurely journey on the train from the station when it is just half a mile from Acorn Crescent?” “Absolutely” the dapper cat agreed. “You could always have flown home if you felt like it.”

“Well,” continued the pigeon. “I checked the timetable for trains leaving for London. There was one leaving at 9.30am and only stopping at three stations, so I got there nice and quick with only ten minutes to wait!”

“It wasn’t long before I could hear sounds of the train coming along the track, I felt my tummy flutter with excitement. I flew onto the roof when the train pulled into the station. It seemed I wasn’t the only bird taking the train; as I looked around I observed a pair of magpies, a sparrow and three doves all looking excited for their journey ahead. I nodded to my fellow passengers to be polite.”

“I think I must have nodded off for a while as when I checked my pocket watch I was surprised to see that there were only a few minutes left of my journey; huge buildings of all shapes and uses were looming in front of me.”

“It was then time to leave the train and make my way over the grand city of London. I was searching for a tall monument called Nelson’s Column; I have read that it’s over 51metres high and has the statue of the famous Admiral, Horatio Nelson right at the top. Surely it can’t be too difficult to spot, I thought.”

“Soon I thought I could see a few of my cousins, and what looked like it must be Nelson’s column in the distance. As I settled in the grand square my family and friends came to greet me – what a commotion of coo-ing it was Max! We laughed and chatted for a few hours and they suggested I might like to visit the National Gallery whilst I was there. My cousin Victor pointed a wing towards the gallery which was just across -from the square. I said “see you all later” and made my way across to the bustling building.”

“Lots of people were entering the gallery so I just nipped between their feet and followed them around. I wondered if they were planning to eat soon; my tummy was rumbling and I’m thought I could smell food.”

“A little boy had spotted me and kept clapping his hands. It gave me quite a headache and I was becoming tired too with all the excitement of the trip. You know how I like to get 40 winks in the middle of the day if I can Max! I looked at the art exhibitions for a while. Then I noticed a sign saying ‘Gift Shop’. I dodged the little boy and made for the shop.”

“Inside the shop I flew from shelf to shelf unnoticed. I was sitting between all types of animal toys until I came upon a discarded open packet of crisps, probably put down by a child “Oh how lucky!” I thought. I was beginning to feel quite faint from hunger. I pulled a crisp from the packet with my beak and ate until I was very, very full.”

“ Well, the next thing I know, I am waking from a lovely dream about bagels. I realised the gallery was very quiet, much quieter than earlier and I thought I should make my way back to Trafalgar square where everyone would be waiting for me.”

“I flew across to the shop doors, but to my horror they were locked! I started to look for another exit but as I flew down to the other end of the shop something familiar caught my eye. As I stopped and rested upon a postcard stand I took a closer look. I couldn’t believe my eyes Max! Sitting there on the shelf was………me! An exact copy of me!

“I called out to the pigeon “Hello there! It seems you’re locked in just like me, hey?”

“There was no response from my fellow friend so I called again – still no response. Now I was very confused; I could only think that his hearing wasn’t so good. So I flew over to the shelf to introduce myself. “Hello, I’m Mr. Poop, what’s your name?” But still no word left his beak. “How rude!” I thought. I moved closer to make myself seen but as I did I saw something attached to his foot. As I leant forward the writing on the label became clear. It read “Make your own Mr. Poop”. I gasped in shock and stepped back and then I heard a faint cry of “You’re real?” Well, I turned around but I couldn’t see anyone. “Down here Mr.Poop” said the voice. I looked down and there before my feet was a little spider in what appeared to be a top hat.”

“What do you mean I’m real’? And how do you know my name?” I asked. The smart little spider pointed at a packet on the shelf with a picture of me on the front. Well I was then really quite confused Max! “What is that?” I asked the spider, who walked across to the bag and explained how he thought I was only made from felt! Well! I turned back to the silent pigeon “That one seems to be, but I assure you I am not!” I told him. “

“I’m Seb” announced the spider as he put one of his eight legs out to shake my wing.

“I felt rather embarrassed Max. I had thought that pigeon was just like me” Seb admitted that he had as well; it seems I gave the poor thing quite a fright!”

“Seb talked to me about his life in the gallery, how he’s lived there for a year and knows all there is to know about the building, it’s history and every nook and cranny. I realised that Seb could be my best chance to get back outside into the bustle of Trafalgar Square. As fascinating as the gallery was, I wanted to get back to family and friends were throwing a party for me that evening. I explained to the spider about how I was locked in the gallery after taking a nap.”

“Seb leapt to his eight little feet and scuttled along the shelf. “Follow me!” he shouted. I flew alongside him as he quickly moved up the high walls to the ceiling of the gift shop. He suddenly stopped and signalled with one leg for me to land on the ledge next to him.”

“Wow, that spider sure can climb Max! Seb chuckled at me and asked me to help him move a wooden panel on the wall. As we pushed it back a ray of sun light appeared – he’d found a way out! Well my friend, as you can imagine, I was delighted and very grateful, but when I wanted to find a way to thank the little arachnid, he just said that it was his pleasure to be able to help”. “Then I had one of my brainwaves. “I know! Come with me to the party!” I said to him “You can be my guest”. Seb took off his hat and looked at me smiling “Mr Poop, it would be an honour”.

“So Seb hitched a ride on my back as I flew over the gallery and landed on what appeared to be a very large ship in a bottle. We looked out over Trafalgar square and I managed to spot my cousin Victor splashing around in the fountain. We glided down and I shouted at Victor “I’m here!” “Ah Mr. Poop” he replied “we’ve been waiting for you”. I apologised for keeping them waiting and introduced Seb whilst I explained my eventful day. As I told the story my family and friends gathered around – and of course laughed! The party was great fun and my new found friend entertained everyone with tales of his life in The National Gallery before I gave him a lift back to his grand home.”

“Well, when it was time to leave the city, I said my goodbyes and caught the train home. What a trip!”

Max Ecklefeckin was suitably entertained by Mr Poop’s tale, although, he thought to himself that sometimes Acorn Crescent’s resident brain-box wasn’t actually the canniest of birds!…

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