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The Easter Visitor

Excitement was building in the days leading up to Easter weekend in Acorn Crescent. Everyone was looking forward to the traditional Easter Sunday egg hunt, especially the youngsters.

This year, Mr Poop is the official organiser of the event; he really enjoys the challenge of finding new places to hide the eggs. The lively, intelligent pigeon had been seen by everyone busily flying around the crescent all week, although they would all pretend not to notice him as he flew by.

Owls Barnaby and Tilly Toots were particularly interested in observing where their pigeon friend had been going in search of hiding places. Mr Poop had been seen out flying at night by the nocturnal creatures which was considered most unusual. “Poop seems to be trying extra hard to impress us all this Easter.” Barnaby commented.

There was a lot of speculation amongst the residents of Acorn Crescent when they met in small gatherings. Why was Mr Poop working overtime this year?
“He’s beginning to look very tired” said Max Ecklefeckin the cat.
“He flew into my rhododendron bush today and had a job getting his breath back.” mentioned Jenson Jones the tortoise – who was probably exaggerating a little bit!
“Perhaps the responsibility is all too much for him” whispered Coco the female dachshund discretely when she saw Mr Poop flying in their direction.

What the residents were not aware of, was that poor Mr Poop had to repeat his work over and over again every morning, putting all the Easter eggs back in their hiding places. Mysteriously, at dawn every day the eggs were all out in the open for everyone to see; luckily no one was up at that time so he was able to put them back unnoticed.

Mr Poop scratched his head wondering how and why this was happening. He began to make a plan. ‘I think the only way to get to the bottom of this puzzle is to keep watch over one of the eggs for the entire night’, he thought to himself. This would be a difficult task for the pigeon as he was already feeling sleepy.

During the afternoon Mr poop decided to have a nap. He was so tired he didn’t wake until the church clock chimed ten o’clock that night.
‘Gosh! I have work to do!’ thought Poop. He flew to one of the hiding places and checked if the egg was still in place. ‘BRAVO!’ the egg was still there. He took to his observation branch high up in the tree.

It seemed like forever watching over the hiding place in the dark when, suddenly, ACTION! he could hear rustling below. The Easter egg began to roll out from under the pile of leaves; his eyes nearly popped out.

“How is this happening?” he whispered to himself. He watched intently as a small, very prickly creature appeared, rolling the egg with its front paws.

“Excuse me” Mr Poop called down in his loudest whisper. “What are you doing with that Easter egg?”
“Oh, sorry – is it yours? I thought someone had lost it!” the hedgehog replied. He introduced himself as Herbert. “I keep finding them all over the crescent since I came here to visit my cousins last week”.
Mr Poop flew down to explain the reason for all the hidden eggs and they both had a good laugh over the misunderstanding. Herbert said that he would, of course, leave the eggs alone for the remainder of his stay.

The visiting hedgehog really enjoyed watching everyone from Acorn Crescent hunting for the eggs on Easter Sunday; he thanked Mr Poop for letting him watch.

“Can I come back next year and help you to hide the eggs?” said Herbert “it’s the least I can do after making you so much work this year.”
“Sure.” answered Mr Poop.

Everyone chuckled as Poop later told all the residents the story of the Easter eggs and the visiting hedgehog called Herbert….

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