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Jensons Gift

Jenson Jones – sleepy tortoise

Mr Poop – pigeon

Max Ecklefeckin – black and white cat


It’s a chilly sunny morning in Acorn Crescent, Max Ecklefeckin is out early after spotting a large skip outside number ten, and being an inquisitive cat he thought it well worth investigating.

Dr Denby has a day off from the surgery, and emerges from his shed with his lawnmower and various other tools, to make the most of the October sunshine. From the roof of number ten Mr Poop is bemused by pieces of wood, cloth and old paintbrushes being tossed into the air from the skip below.
Suddenly Max appeared out of the rubble.

“Oh, it’s you Max! What’s going on?” asked the pigeon.
“Morning Mr Poop. Look what I’ve found in here.”
“What is it?” Mr Poop enquired, chuckling to himself.
“It’s a tea cosy, silly.” Retorted the cat.
“Ah.” said Mr Poop, not understanding his friend’s enthusiasm.
“Just perfect for Jenson Jones don’t you think?” Asked Max.
“He’s never had tea to my knowledge,” said Mr Poop.
“You are silly Poop; it’s for him to wear and it will keep him warm through the Winter. He never manages to hibernate like other tortoises.”

The Doctor was clearing leaves from around his shrubs, when he noticed Jenson making his way very slowly across the lawn, looking half asleep. “Maybe I disturbed him with my noisy lawnmower,” Dr Denby thought.

“Could you deliver the gift on your way home please?” Max asked Mr Poop.
“My pleasure,” replied Mr Poop.
He said his goodbyes and swiftly picked the cosy up in his beak and took to the sky. Flying over Dr Denby’s house Mr Poop spotted Jenson on the lawn below, and with careful aim dropped the colourful tea cosy neatly over Jenson’s shell. “Bulls eye right on target!” he laughed.

Below, Jenson was plunged into darkness and thought “am I asleep or am I blind; am I blind or am I asleep?” He noticed a glimmer of light out of the corner of his eye and stretching his neck, his head popped through the tea cosy’s spout hole. Jenson was delighted with his unexpected new warm cover; so was the puzzled Doctor who now finds it a lot easier to spot his tortoise in the garden!…

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