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“my one day diary”

My one day diary – written a couple of weeks ago.

 Well, here we are, Friday again!

 Friday’s are always a mishmash of work and home life, so for my blog I thought it would be fun to write a bit of a watered down version of my typical Friday, so here goes.

 9 am Porridge is in the microwave, think I will have it with blueberries, a very healthy start; (Note to self – don’t turn your back on porridge in micro, the b***** keeps trying to get out, explosion!)

Porridge and I are sitting at the computer; a new potential stockist has requested a pass into Clara’s wholesale site so that’s a great start to the day. Reply straight away.

 10 am in my studio fulfilling an order for our loveable Max Ecklefeckin the black and white cat sewing kit. This needs to leave today. He is off to the Big Apple, Max in America, what an adventure that will be, popped in a free Max gift card as a thank you.

 10.30 am off to see my daughter Vicky, she lives just up the road from me so having a short walk and popping in for coffee and to measure Matilda’s playroom for curtains. Hope they have cake (no strike that thought) this has been a busy sewing week so what’s a pair of curtains to add to the list! Matilda my granddaughter – nearly one year old – gorgeous – full of mischief – red head – strong willed – adorable.

11.45 am the bunting I started earlier in the week from up-cycled fabric needs to be finished today so I can add it to the Clara website.

I was hoping to take a few out door photos of the finished bunting but although it’s a lovely bright day it is far too windy. Anyway let’s get it finished, onwards and upwards. Photo’s tomorrow.

12.45 Bunting finished. Great, think I will have some lunch, I need to make a fruit cake for my friends birthday this afternoon.

1.30 pm Just mixing the ingredients for the fruit cake, my friends 65th birthday soon and no idea what gift to get? I know him and his wife love fruit cake, problem solved. It’s going to take 4 hours to bake so best get cracking, hope there is a little brandy left to add but I swear fairies keep sneaking in and having a crafty tipple.

2.50 pm a well earned cuppa

3.00 pm through the door, Amalie, granddaughter number two and mummy Charlotte. Mummy has fabric under her arm, it’s looking like another pair of curtains! (Add to next weeks sewing list) Kettle on! Amalie also nearly one year old, born just 4 days after Matilda. Amalie – sweet – full of life – blond – giving – delightful.

4.00 pm where has the day gone? Need to answer some Clara emails and make a list for next week to add to a dozen other lists. I wonder if other people make as many lists as me. Going to spend the next hour or so tying up some Clara stuff.

5.45 pm pouring with rain now. It feels as if I have had a full day but needed to do lots more jobs. Hey ho, tomorrow is another day. Time to put some tea on, Chris will be in soon and as its Friday night I may just have a glass of wine, that’s if the fairies have left me some? 

 Cheer’s Alison x





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