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A lovely morning at the zoo!

A lovely morning at the zoo! It was like a spring day in Newquay yesterday so Matilda, Amalie and I headed off. We are so lucky to have a zoo on our door step and it is fairly quiet this time of year so we could run around as much as we liked.
Matilda was wearing her deer top so a visit to see Prince Alfred’s Deer was on the cards, she said they were VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL which of course they are.
We then went to visit a favourite of ours, the Humboldt’s penguins. One of the keepers was cleaning out their enclosure and Amalie was telling Matilda that the keeper was cleaning because the Penguins do very big wee-wee’s in the water (out of the mouths of babes). Dog poo is their favourite saying at the moment.
We had a good walk around and then Amalie decided it was time to head to the café, (must get that from nana) so we sat and had tea cakes and a drink.
Afterwards we visited the zebra’s which they weren’t that impressed with so we made our way to the play area for a few goes on the slide and seesaw before heading home.

WARNING – If you are getting on a bit in years, make sure your bum is squarely on the seesaw seat before dismounting – yes, that experience was a bit embarrassing. 😂

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