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Duckling Felt Sewing Kit


Duckling Felt Sewing Kit



This sewing kit contains everything you need to create your own Lucie-Lou the Duckling character. Just how cute is she with her turquoise wings and beautiful striped neck bow?

Light-hearted and mischievous, there is a story to Lucie-Lou and each of her friends on Acorn Crescent. The Lucie-Lou Clara kit is designed and made with pride in Cornwall using high quality components including superior wool blend felt – just add scissors! Easy-to-follow instructions with diagrams are printed on the packaging.

Contains: Felt, stuffing, thread, string, buttons, needle, pins, instructions.

This kit does not have pre-punched holes, and contains “proper grown up” needle and pins!

Suitability: Age 8+ Skill level: ‘Easy-peasy!’

This kit contains objects with sharp points. To be used under the direct supervision of an adult. Small parts may be hazardous. Not suitable for children under 8 years.

Kit size: 20cm High x 14cm Wide x 7.5cm Deep. Approx finished kit size 16cm x 19cm

See Lucie Lou’s story below!

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Hi I’m Lucie Lou!

If you pass by Acorn Crescent’s duck pond and you look closely,  you may see me. I have a cosy home nestled between the reeds and rushes.

I know you may not like them but I love snacking on slugs; yum yum. I have a favourite trick. I hide in the rushes and poke the other ducks with a stick to distract them from eating a slug that I have my eye on, then I skiddaddle pretty quick.

Tilly Toots says I’m light hearted and mischievous. I don’t really know what that means but it sounds pretty good to me.

Jenson Jones the tortoise loves to tell me stories but he keeps falling asleep half way through them; I think he’s getting a bit old, but I love him anyway.

You would like my best friend Bee-Boo the owlet: we have loads of fun together. We are known in Acorn Crescent as the tinker twosome, I think that’s good, isn’t it?

Happy slug hunting – Lucie Lou xx”

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