Mr Fox's Veg Patch

Mr Fox's Veg Patch

Mr Fox’s Veg Patch

I have a very small patch of earth tucked away beside my studio which has been abandoned since we moved to our home some years ago; just brambles and weeds loved to grow there and we were happy to let them. It is a really warm corner of the garden hidden away and catches the sun for part of the day.

One morning not long ago I had a bright idea or you could say a moment of madness. I decided I would love to have a raised veg patch in this tiny plot, not that I have any experience growing veg but my father who’s name was Mr Fox loved his veg garden.

My brother and I had lots of fresh home grown vegetables growing up and loved to pick and eat them straight from the garden.  

My idea turned into a bit of a family affair. We started to clear the ground with the help of our grandchildren and daughter, pulling up the weeds and painstakingly sieving the earth, collecting an abundance of rusty nails, stones and the odd tin can.


I ordered some lovely wooden sleepers and my son set to work on the raised bed surround, it was finished in no time and looks great.

 Hard at work, I think pocket money is in order.

Frame finished, earth prepped and laced with farmyard manure and now my little corner has some veggies planted. Peas, onions, swede, carrots, beef tomatoes and beans, just a small crop but my crop!


My little secret hideaway where I take a coffee break, relax and sometimes reminisce about Mr Fox and his veg patch.

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