New Linen Aprons

New Linen Aprons

I'm super excited to have included our new mid weight linen unisex aprons to the Clara website,

I love linen, it’s what I call my happy fabric!

Pewter grey - Dark red - french blue

Our new linen aprons are a homely staple, if you love baking, cooking or gardening or just hang one on a rustic peg for home decor. We have made them in our new pre washed linen colours, dark red, pewter grey and french blue.

What I love about linen is that it gets better with age. It doesn’t have to be pressed to crisp perfection, it looks great in its natural rustic state but if you love “crease free” you can use a fairly hot iron for a good result. It’s very forgiving.

Don’t you love an apron that is generous enough wrap around you and feel super comfy? We have made ours with long waist ties and an adjustable neck tie, a large pocket and in lovely quality washable linen.

If you are looking for presents this handmade apron for both men and women will be an appreciated rather smart gift.

 Dark red - Pewter grey - French blue

Stay safe everyone, better times are just around the corner. Alison

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