Slow Stitching, have a go!

Slow Stitching, have a go!

Have you ever tried Slow Stitching?

Using your hands to create has long been viewed as particularly beneficial for the anxious amongst us, and with mental health awareness week last month it could be the very time to take up the needle and thread.

Maybe try some simple running stitches on a piece of clothing that needs freshening up, an old pair of jeans is the perfect project. You don’t need special thread to start with, just a skein of embroidery thread and a large eye needle. Slow stitching really is a relaxing pastime, why not have a go, there is nothing to lose and it’s perfect for children as an introduction to sewing.

If you have some small pieces of scrap cloth to hand, why not have a go at arranging these on top of some fabric and stitch away, you could also add some old lace and keepsake ribbon, buttons or anything to make it interesting. Once your project is complete decide what you will make from it or just keep as a treasured sample.

These are some simple slow stitched coasters, which we have popped into our home and garden page. 

We've had some fun making these hand stitched bucket bags, perfect when you don't want to take a whacking great shopper bag out! This one we call our sunny bag, full of summer colour. 

Linen slow stitched bucket bag

Made in natural linen they are ideal for popping your purse, keys, phone and essential bits and bobs in.

A great little bag to team up with your linen wardrobe and an eye catching accessory.

Handmade bucket bag with slow stitch

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