We're laying again!

We're laying again!

One of the best things in life is freshly laid chickens eggs!
Lucky me, my daughter lives next to a lady who rescues chickens, nurses them to health and when they start to lay pops their eggs into her lovely handmade wooden box for people to buy.

This week the eggs are pale blue/green in colour which I’m told were laid by white hens. They are slightly longer in length and the yokes are a gorgeous rich orange colour.

I love the wooden box where she places her eggs for sale with an honesty box where you can pay for your purchase. I asked her who made the box for her and she told me her husband had made it for a Valentines Day gift a couple of years ago, how lovely is that.

This morning I made an omelette with three eggs and added blueberries, a freshly squeezed lemon and honey from the local farmers market, my favourite breakfast!

 I'm thinking poached egg on toast tomorrow morning!


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